Using the Search Tool

Welcome to the U.S. accredited institution search page. Our database contains over 1500 schools with address, phone and website info, and is kept current at all times.


Basic Usage

The basic tool is the search panel (as seen to your left). Queries can be built using one or more search panels; open additional search panels by clicking the 'Also Find' button. All search panels except the default may be closed by clicking the X button in the upper right corner.

Inside a given search panel, search terms may be inclusive (Match Any) or exclusive (Match All). The default is to match on all defined terms.

By default, search terms may occur anywhere inside the searched field. Use the checkbox at the bottom of a given search panel to prevent matching on interior strings.

To prevent matching from beginning inside a word, put a space character at the beginning of your entry.

Searches are case insensitive. To submit a search, click the Search Now button.

Some Search Examples

To find all the schools in Nevada, enter 'nv' into the state field, and submit.

To find all the schools in Nevada and all the schools in Arizona, enter 'nv' into the state field of the default search panel. Click Also Find to open a second search panel and enter 'az' into the state field, and submit.

To find all the California Schools with the word 'art' in the institution name field, enter 'ca' into the state field and ' art' (don't forget the space character) into the institution field. The initial space keeps the search from matching words like 'heart', but does not prevent first-word matches such as 'art institute of somewhere'.