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Public Speakers, Subject Matter Experts (SME), Motivational Speakers

Public Speakers, Subject Matter Experts (SME), Motivational Speakers
College and University circuits, undergrad and grad, academic
conferences--some corporate and convention events
Live anywhere, work anywhere, engagements from San Diego to Boston, Miami to
From once a year to full time (depending on talent and topics)
Typical pay: $1000 to $7000+ per talk + T&E paid (sometimes much more, but
this is our everyday range)


  • College success
  • International student success
  • Life planning, career development
  • Study skills, choosing a major, study abroad, navigating academic life
  • Graduation addresses (this is what can pay a LOT more)
  • Student life issues (sexuality/sex/gender/LGBTQI, Greek life, drug
    and alcohol, parent-child, athletes, FGLI, student development)
  • Faculty development
  • Negotiations (all types)
  • Media, politics, current events, economics (no hard right or hard
    left, we respect that but it's just not our business model)
  • Others

Send brief note on your topics, plus CV / bio / resume, plus press kit if you have one (not at all required), to Lisa B., Talent Recruiter:


physical versions:

Lisa B., Talent Recruiter, U. Speakers Mail
PO Box 14190
Reno, NV, 89507

No calls, please.



To book a speaker, call...

Lisa Bertschi
Managing Partner
San Francisco: 415-543-7130, ext. 201
Northern Nevada: 775-557-2121, ext. 201

Donald Asher
Managing Partner