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Welcome to, the official site of Donald Asher and Asher Associates, where you will find easy access to Asher Associates resources, including books and DVDs available nowhere else, a library of articles on careers and education topics, a searchable list of all accredited U.S. academic institutions (particularly useful for international students and employers who want to verify accreditation), and information about the lectures and workshops that have inspired hundreds of thousands of participants.

Who is Donald Asher?

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Asher is an internationally acclaimed author and speaker specializing in professional development and higher education. He is the author of twelve books, available in English, Chinese, Korean, and Portuguese. His writing credits include: The Wall Street Journal's online editions, and;;;;; MSN home page and MSN Encarta (education columnist); USAirways Magazine (career columnist); The San Francisco Chronicle; The San Francisco Examiner; The Los Angeles Times’ career development web pages; NACE Journal; and many, many others.He is a frequent guest on television and radio, and speaks at over 100 venues every year. Read more about Don here.

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